About CACAU (CIF No. G54197058)

CACAU is an association of homeowners, all of whom own properties located in the countryside on the outskirts of Catral, (Alicante). It is a legally registered and non-profit making organisation, and it is not aligned with any political party.

The association was formed in July 2005 in response to threats made by the Valencian authorities to begin demolishing homes they deemed to be ‘illegal.’ The initial threat concerned only a small number of properties but it quickly became evident that it was likely to be extended to encompass many more. In effect, despite the fact that we had purchased our properties as ‘legal’ dwellings, and had done so in good faith, the authorities argued that they were ‘illegal’ because they had been constructed on ‘rustic land,’ on plot sizes less than 10,000 square metres and without legal building permits having been issued.

CACAU entered into negotiations with the authorities on behalf of its members and acquired the services of a solicitor who is an expert in urbanistic law.

Since that time onwards discussions and negotiations have continued but despite threats from the authorities, and the raising of many demolition files, no houses have yet been demolished.


CACAU has endeavoured to ensure that all information contained in this website is accurate and current. However, should you embark on a course of action simply on the basis of information you read here, and the results adversely affect you, neither CACAU, its officers, or its members, can be held responsible or accountable.

We recommend that you seek the advice of a fully qualified professional at all times, and indepedently confirm the accuracy of anything you may read here, before instigating any form of action.


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